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Tonight, Elaine spotted Typepad (an app that enables you to create blog posts right from your iPhone) and asked me if I’d come across anything similar for WordPress – our blogs are WordPress-based.

A Google search came up with this – Logging into the Control panel at Siteground (our hosting company), I discovered that the installed version of WordPress was 2.2.1 and the minimum required for this app is 2.5.1.

However, using the Siteground 1-click Control Panel, I could upgrade to the newly-released 2.6. So I duly clicked the icon (after performing a back-up of the database and blog folder).

All seemed OK…until I visited my blog…and all the categories were missing!

By Googling “WordPress 2.6 Categories” I found that I was not the only one with this problem. Some people had a smooth upgrade, some had the same problem. Nobody could find a reason for it though several explanations were put forward – incompatible plug-ins was a popular reason.

However, I upgraded 3 instances of WordPress on my Siteground hosting account and all had the problem. I’ll be writing to their support team and will post any information that I receive.

Thanks to this website I have upgraded the blogs to 2.6, although it was a bit of a long-winded manual process, due to the large number of categories that each blog has.