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I have over 100 apps on my iPhone. Some of them are used regularly, some rarely and some hardly ever or not at all (time for a cull?). So what’s the best way to organise them?

I’ve organised the apps into “pages” or screens. Each page can hold up to 16 apps and I have 10 pages of apps, although, if you do the maths, you will realise that not all the pages are “full” (in fact only one of the pages contains 16 apps).

I’m not going to describe all 10 pages but to give you some idea, the first page contains some of my most regularly-used apps (including iPad, Messages, Phone, Mail, Echofon and Safari), the second page is for what I call Utilities and includes 1Password, Calculator, Clock and Settings, the third page is for Entertainment apps.

On my Pad, rather than organising the apps into multiple pages, I use Folders (this feature was introduced in iOS4 and allows you to group apps together, similar to the way that the Program Manager used to work in Windows 3.1). To be honest, for me, the jury’s still out on Folders which is why I haven’t implemented them on my iPhone.

Both the iPhone and the iPad screens contain a “Dock” – a row of icons at the bottom which remain visible, no matter which screen (or “Page”) is displayed.

The iPhone’s Dock can store up to 4 icons and at the moment, my Dock has the Camera, DropText, ToDo and iTalk. These aren’t necessarily the most frequently-used apps but as the icons are always accessible, it means that I can quickly and easily take a photo/shoot video and record audio. Making quick notes and adding to my to-do list are also tasks that I perform regularly, as things pop into my head.

iPhone Dock

What’s on your Dock and why?