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Every month our team (at work) produces a newsletter packed full of IT tips and tricks. This month our Newsletter Editor asked me to write a couple of short paragraphs about Yammer, which has recently been introduced into the company. This got me thinking about how to explain what Yammer is to “non-Yammerers”?

I wanted to write something that would encourage people to sign up but I also wanted to avoid the obvious comparisons with Twitter and other Social Networking tools for a number of reasons:

Not everyone uses them
Not everyone understands them
They are seen by many as “out-of-work-hours” activities
They are seen by many as “a waste of time” or “something my kids do”

So this what I came up with:

“You have a question. You need some input. You need an opinion. You’ve searched Google. You’ve searched the Intranet. You’ve asked colleagues. Nobody can help. Surely someone somewhere in this huge organisation must know the answer. Yammer enables you and your global colleagues to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share information. It is the ultimate collaboration tool, the corporate knowledgebase and the virtual water cooler all rolled into one.”