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So the big day arrived. I’d planned to work from home on Friday 28th (as this was the expected delivery date) and now they were being delivered a day early and I had to go into work. At just after 9:00, I got a phone call from Elaine. “Mine’s arrived but now I’ll have to wait all day until you get home”. I had to forcefully tell her to open it, play with it and enjoy it – truth be known she didn’t need much persuading!


I spent most of the morning refreshing the tracking page on the UPS website (Elaine’s had been delivered by TNT) – all I knew was that it was on a van that had left Tamwworth (about 60 miles away) at 6:30 that morning. I was running a training course in the afternoon which gave the F5 (Refresh in IE) key a break. Our training room is in a building that seems to have lead lined walls – at least that’s how it feels – I can’t get a data or phone signal on my iPhone. I had a break on my course at 2:30 and on checking my mail (my work email via Outlook) I had a mail from Elaine simply saying “it’s here”. Finally!

I already had a prior engagement on Thursday night and although I was working from home on Friday, I managed to refrain from playing with my new toy until Friday night. All was going well until I watched a video on YouTube. At the end of the video, the screen faded to black I noticed a red dot on my iPad screen. “Noooooo!! I’ve got a dead or stuck pixel.”

“It’s going back” I said. Now I know that when you buy a device with an LCD display there is an acceptable number of dead pixels – a local computer supplier has a sign in the shop that explains this, but having paid almost £600 I wanted a perfect iPad. So I logged on to the Apple website and made an appointment at the Manchester Arndale Genius Bar for the next day.

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