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When the iPad was first announced back in January I decided there and then that I wanted one (even though the UK price hadn’t been set at that point). Did I need one? Maybe, maybe not? I have an iPhone and a MacBook Pro (which I had purchased only 6 weeks previously) so from a “working on the road” point of view, I was pretty much sorted. But I wanted one and I’d find a use for it once it arrived.


Fast forward three-and-a-half months to May 10th. This was the date that Apple announced the prices (though there’d been confirmed rumours for a day or so on the rumour websites and Twitter feeds) and began to take pre-orders outside the USA (the iPad went on sale in the USA on April 3rd so our friends across the pond had already had several weeks to play with theirs and make us jealous).

Apple being Apple there was no indication as to what time the prices would be announced so when I got up at 6:00 to take the dog for a walk, I had a quick check of the website – and there it was…the prices and the link to pre-order – but, unlike in the USA, there appeared to be no option to reserve and pick up from an Apple Store. A phone call to an Apple Store later that morning confirmed that to be the case, so I left it in Elaine’s capable hands to order me a 64GB WiFi model (at least I didn’t have to choose between black and white as well this time).

Why did I go for the WiFi and not the 3G? Well, I guessed that I’d be using the iPad primarily in the house, in the garden and at work. As my Twitter followers and MacBites listeners know, despite it being one of the most affluent areas in Cheshire, the area that I work in is sadly bereft of 3G (I don’t actually work in the middle of a field but from a technology point of view, it sometimes feels like it).

When I take Meyer for a walk I take my iPhone and usually listen to podcasts or music and keep up with Twitter and Facebook, read and reply to emails and surf the web. Sometimes I use dog-walking time as “thinking time” and if something comes into my head I’ll open Evernote or one of the other note-taking apps and make a note of it, and if there’s a football match on Sky, I sometimes watch that (rain permitting). I can hardly see myself holding my iPad in one hand, building a Keynote presentation or putting together a Pages document whilst being dragged around by a large Samoyed! If I do go out somewhere and need Internet access, I’ll take the MiFi with me.

On the 22nd May I received an email from Apple advising that my iPad had shipped (along with the £30 “official Apple iPad case” and the iPad Dock). However, Elaine’s status was still showing as Not Shipped, so I had to keep my excitement to myself. I’d already decided (and it’s documented in my Twitter feed) that should hers not arrive on time, I’d leave mine unopened until we both had them.

On 26th May my order showed “Shipped – delivery due 27th May”. Now this should have been greeted with cries of ecstasy, however Elaine’s was still showing as Not Shipped. I checked the credit card statement online and both transactions had gone through, so I persuaded her to check the status again – and this time it showed as “Shipped – delivery due 27th May”.

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