If you’re familiar with the content of my blog, you’ll know that I’m a self-confessed “spreadsheet geek” with a passion for Excel. The first course that I delivered, way back in 1989, was Introduction to Lotus 123 and as companies moved from Lotus to Excel, my knowledge and expertise moved too.

The Excel Trainer

My experience with Excel goes all the way back to Excel version 4 on Windows, but as someone who is vastly experienced in both the Microsoft Windows and Apple platforms, I’ve successfully transferred my Excel and VBA skills to the Mac (Excel 2011) and the iPad (thanks to the free CloudOn app).

With all this in mind, I’ve recently set up a new website, TheExcelTrainer.co.uk.

On there you’ll find video tips, webinar recordings, mini-courses and “focus guides” – short downloadable step-by-step guides that focus on a single specific feature or function.

Please pop over there and sign up to my newsletter (and for doing that I’ll give you, totally free of charge, my first focus guide that explains all about absolute cell referencing).