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Running Windows on a Mac

I recently received an email: Hi Mike, I have an iMac but my invoice and stock database is in Access so I continue to use my Windows laptop to access this. I also have Excel spreadsheets and I use Numbers so I end up having two documents to update. Can you recommend an app I can buy for me to be able to use the Access database on my iMac and also the Excel spreadsheets.

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Measuring Screen Distance with PixelStick and Meazure

Have you ever needed to measure the distance between 2 points on your computer Have you ever needed to set a window to a specific size for taking a screenshot or creating a video? PixelStick (Mac) and Meazure (Windows) can be used for these tasks

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OneNote for Windows – How to Export

When it comes to sharing content, making a backup of your OneNote notebook or moving work created in OneNote to Word, being able to export pages, sections and even an entire notebook is a great timesaver. This blog post has you covered

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