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A few people have asked me about my setup for delivering iPad training via Webex. So here goes…

Delivering iPad Training Virtually

  1. iPad Air loaned to me by work. I used this to demonstrate the OneDrive and Office apps

  2. iMac running Reflector. Reflector turns my iMac into an Airplay receiver so that with Airplay and mirroring enabled on the iPad, whatever I do on the iPad will be displayed on the iMac screen. I was logged into a Webex meeting, as a presenter, on the iMac and was sharing the iMac screen so that course attendees were able to see my demo.

  3. The Webex service we use at work doesn’t support VOIP so all attendees and the presenter must dial in to an audio teleconferencing service. As I don’t have a telephone, I used Skype to dial in using a toll-free number. The Skype window is displayed on the external monitor that is connected to the iMac

  4. OneNote is open on the external monitor. I used OneNote for my running order and other notes related to the training.

  5. HyperPDF is open on the external monitor. This app was recommended to me by Elaine Giles. I had a PowerPoint file with a few introductory slides. On a Mac, when running a PowerPoint slideshow with an external monitor connected, you have to choose either Mirror, which displays the slide show on both monitors, or Presenter View, which displays the slide show on one monitor and the Presenter View (your speakers notes and upcoming slides) on the second monitor. On Windows you can choose to have the second monitor not used by PowerPoint. As I said, my notes were in OneNote and I needed to be able to see them on my second monitor. HyperPDF has a Presentation mode which displays the PDF full screen on one screen but leaves the other screen available so I created a PDF of the presentation.

  6. I used my iPad2 as a monitoring device. Using the Webex app, I logged into the Webexso that I could keep my eye on any network latency otherwise I could be talking about something which the course attendees had not yet seen.