Excel 2013: How to use Conditional Formatting

Two great real-life examples (a training course booking system and a project RAG status report) of how to use Conditional Formatting to automatically change the background colour of cells based on the text value (i.e. words) in the cells

Excel 2013: How to Record a Macro

Macros are used to save you time by automating tasks. The Macro Recorder is a great way to create simple macros and a great way to start to learn VBA

Timeline Slicers in Excel 2013

Timeline Slicers is a new feature in Excel 2013. Timeline Slicers enable you to analyze data based on time periods. Loading the player…

Sorting IP Addresses in Excel

A question came up on my Twitter feed this week – how to sort a list of IP Addresses in Excel. On the face of it, this should be simple. However, because Excel treats the IP addresses as text strings, not numbers, the sort order will not be correct, for example...

How BODMAS Saved Almost £500

A friend of mine created a spreadsheet to calculate how much it would cost him to change to a new mobile phone provider. The result scared him to death. According to his spreadsheet, based on his expected usage (he’s a low user) it was going to cost him almost £500...