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One of the most useful presents that I received last Christmas was a silicone case for my iPhone 4. When the iPhone 4 was released I duly purchased a Bumper to protect my new toy. For anyone who has been living in a cave since last June, a Bumper is a thin hard plastic band that wraps around the phone.

There’s no protection for the front or rear glass of the iPhone, although the Bumper does add a few millimetres of depth to the device so that if the phone is lying flat (such as on a desk or table) the Bumper “lifts” the phone off the surface, avoiding scratching the glass.

To ensure that the iPhone doesn’t fall out, the Bumper has been designed to fit very tightly around the phone and this has caused a few issues for me…

I don’t like in-ear headphones and the headphones that I use with my iPhone have a short connector moulded into a wide piece of rubber. When I push the headphones into the socket on the iPhone, the combination of the short connector, the rubber and the fact that the Bumper adds a few extra millimetres to the height of the phone means that the headphone “jack” won’t push down far enough.

Headphone End

I have the same problem with an audio cable that I use to connect the iPhone to my car radio and, although I have an FM Transmitter (a device that plugs into the charging slot at the bottom of the phone and wirelessly transmits audio from the iPhone to my car radio), due to the width of the plastic casing at the bottom of the iPhone, it wouldn’t connect properly.

For the same reason, I was also unable to use certain chargers without removing the Bumper (Elaine Giles has written an excellent article about this on her blog)

So what does a £1.49 case do that a £25 case doesn’t?

Not only does my new silicone case have a back on it, to protect the glass, it is non-slip and waterproof and, most importantly, there is enough room around the headphone socket and charger socket to allow me to use my any charger, my headphones and my FM Transmitter device.

iPhone with Silicone Case

Silicone iPhone Case

Charger Slot

Headphone Socket

The case was purchased from 7DayShop – more details here

7DayShop also sell a very similar case with a “slightly different pattern.”tyre-mark” pattern. Details on the 7DayShop website