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My name is Mike Thomas. I live in Manchester, UK and I work in and have a passion for tech. I have 30+ years experience of working in IT Training, designing and delivering training to businesses and individuals. My areas of focus include Microsoft Office and Power BI. I also have a wealth of experience with Apple Mac and iOS.

In addition to training, I design and develop MS Office based automated solution (using VBA – the automation/programming language built into all the Office apps)

I built this website in order to share my knowledge with you

Multi-Lingual Microsoft Support

This morning I received an email from a customer who was asking how to export an Excel file to CSV and how to include both command and quote delimiters. The email included a link to a Microsoft knowledgebase article. I clicked the link, up popped the page - and it was...

3 Mavericks Features I Won’t Use

This week saw Apple release OSX Mavericks, the latest version of the operating system for Mac computers. In this post I talk about three features of the operating system which I won’t be using.

10 “Personal” Features of iOS7

There are many sites out there listing all the new features of iOS7. The list below is personal – it comprises things that I personally noticed during my first few days using the new OS on my iPhone and iPad.

Caffeine – Keeps my Windows PC Awake

In Episode 77 of MacBites, Elaine reviewed a number of apps for the Mac that stop the Mac from going to sleep. During the reviews, I commented that I wish there was something similar for Windows that I could use at work, especially when I’m delivering training.

Lync and the Plantronics C310-M Headset

When Microsoft Lync was rolled out at work, myself and my colleagues were each given a Plantronics C310-M headset. This post contains my thoughts on using the headset with Lync

Timeline Slicers in Excel 2013

Timeline Slicers is a new feature in Excel 2013. Timeline Slicers enable you to analyze data based on time periods.

MiTapes – Create Mix Tapes on your iPhone

MiTapes is a music player app for iPhone/iPod Touch that allows you to create mixtapes, just as you did on cassette tapes back in the old days. Learn how to use the app in my short video tutorial.

Using a Webcam in Virtual Training

“The feedback from the delegates was overwhelmingly positive. Seeing me made them feel as if I was there in the room with them which made it easier for them to listen to me and understand what I was saying”.

How to View Outlook Files on a Mac

PST files give users extra storage when they fill up their Outlook Mailbox. When I first switched to a Mac, I had lots of PST’s on my Windows PC. Outlook 2011 for Mac handles PST files poorly, either not able to import at all, or at best, importing “snippets” of content. In this post, I cover some alternatives.