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Welcome to my Blog

My name is Mike Thomas. I live in Manchester, UK and I work in and have a passion for tech. I have 30+ years experience of working in IT Training, designing and delivering training to businesses and individuals. My areas of focus include Microsoft Office and Power BI. I also have a wealth of experience with Apple Mac and iOS.

In addition to training, I design and develop MS Office based automated solution (using VBA – the automation/programming language built into all the Office apps)

I built this website in order to share my knowledge with you

SkyDrive App for Mac

I use a number of Cloud-based services for storing data. Each service has its own benefits and quirks when handling different types of files. When it comes to working with Excel files (and other MS Office files), SkyDrive fits the bill.

Excel 2013: How to Record a Macro

Macros are used to save you time by automating tasks. The Macro Recorder is a great way to create simple macros and a great way to start to learn VBA

Email in The Cloud

The company where I work is moving it’s email to Office 365. If you’ve not heard of it, Office 365 is a service from Microsoft that includes a number of cloud-based elements, including email, file storage and web-based versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

One Course, Two Delivery Methods

This week I delivered a training course to a mixed audience. Mixed from the point of view that I had 2 people in the room with me and 3 attending virtually. What did I learn from the experience?

Eight Ways I Use My iPhone For Work

I own an iPhone and an iPad. I paid for my iPhone and iPad. Every month I pay the bill for my iPhone. I get no contribution from my employer. If you read my blog or listen to MacBites, you’ll probably be aware that for some time, I’ve been chasing The Holy Grail of having access to my work calendar on my personal iPhone and/or iPad. Well now I’ve reached the Promised Land.

Music Not Syncing After iOS 7 Update

I recently decided to change the music on my iPhone. So I plugged it into the iMac, de-selected a few playlists, selected a few other playlists and hit Sync. All was going OK until the message “Waiting for changes to be applied” appeared at the top of the screen in iTunes

iPhone Apps Stuck in a Waiting State

A few weeks ago, I plugged the iPhone into the iMac, ran iTunes and clicked the Sync button. The sync process began and the usual messages appeared on screen. Then for no reason at all, a message flashed up “Cancelling the sync”

My Desk Setup 2013

Somewhere on here there’s a blog post about my desk setup at work. I’m not going to link to it because it’s old and my desk no longer looks like that. But I thought it was time to write about my home setup (or at least my current home setup)