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Welcome to my Blog

My name is Mike Thomas. I live in Manchester, UK and I work in and have a passion for tech. I have 30+ years experience of working in IT Training, designing and delivering training to businesses and individuals. My areas of focus include Microsoft Office and Power BI. I also have a wealth of experience with Apple Mac and iOS.

In addition to training, I design and develop MS Office based automated solution (using VBA – the automation/programming language built into all the Office apps)

I built this website in order to share my knowledge with you

Mac User? Need a Database? Check out Tap Forms

When it comes to database applications for Mac, there’s not much choice. If you’re looking for a cost-effective database solution for personal or small business use, I recommend that you try Tap Forms.

Measuring Screen Distance with PixelStick and Meazure

Have you ever needed to measure the distance between 2 points on your computer Have you ever needed to set a window to a specific size for taking a screenshot or creating a video? PixelStick (Mac) and Meazure (Windows) can be used for these tasks

iPad Mirroring – Locked Down Ports and Disabled Firewalls

As I’ve mentioned before, I was recently delivering some iPad training to some Australian colleagues. However I could not get the iPad and the laptop to “see” each other. In this post I explain how the problem was solved

Office for iPad – The Missing Languages

Although the Office for iPad apps support 27 languages, there are a number of languages that aren’t currently supported, which means that there’s quite a few countries where Office for iPad is not available.

OneNote for Windows – How to Export

When it comes to sharing content, making a backup of your OneNote notebook or moving work created in OneNote to Word, being able to export pages, sections and even an entire notebook is a great timesaver. This blog post has you covered

Whiteboard HD – The Virtual Whiteboard App for iPad

If you’ve ever delivered training or attended a course or a meeting, you’ll know how useful it is to have a flipchart or whiteboard in the room. Whiteboard HD brings that same level of usefulness to the iPad for both face-to-face and virtual meetings and training courses.

Using Skype to Dial into a Conference Call

Today whilst working from home I had to attend a conference call. When it came to dialling into the conference call, I had several options – telephone, Lync and Skype. In this post I discuss the pros and cons of each.