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In December and January, there is one question that is always asked by users where I work…”how do I add public holidays to my Outlook 2007 calendar?”. 

As part of the installation of Outlook, Microsoft provides a file that contains the dates of public holidays for a number of countries (I work for a global organisation) for a number of years. However, this file only includes holidays up to 2012.

You can download a free update which contains public holidays for 2013 – 2020 from here:

Deleting Existing Holidays – 1


The download doesn’t only contain public holidays for 2013 onwards, it contains public holidays for years prior to 2013, therefore, if you already have public holidays in your Outlook calendar from previous years, I recommend that you delete these before you add the 2013 holidays, otherwise, your calendar will display some duplicated holidays.

To delete the existing holidays:

Ensure that you are in Calendar view.

From the View menu, select Current View > Events

Deleting Existing Holidays – 2


Select the holidays you want to remove. To select multiple rows, press the CTRL key and click subsequent rows. To select all the events, press CTRL + A.

When you have selected the desired events, press the DELETE key on the keyboard.

Add The Holidays – 1


From the Tools menu, select Options.

Click the Preferences tab (1).

Click the Calendar Options… button (2).

Add The Holidays – 2


In the Calendar Options dialog box, click the Add Holidays… button

Add The Holidays – 3


Place a tick against the countries whose holidays you want to add to your calendar and click OK

Add The Holidays – 4


The holidays are displayed in your calendar in the "Event area"