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I recently decided to change the music on my iPhone. So I plugged it into the iMac, de-selected a few playlists, selected a few other playlists and hit Sync.

All was going OK until the message “Waiting for changes to be applied” appeared at the top of the screen in iTunes. Now this is normal during the sync process but this message is never displayed for more than a minute.


After about 5 minutes, I unplugged phone and cancelled sync. I tried again several times and each time it failed at the same point.

My web research revealed that many others have the same problem. There’s lots of forum threads about it including a long one on the Apple Support Communities website.

There were also lots of solutions suggested including reinstalling iTunes, hard resetting the phone, wiping phone. Someone even said that turning off Find My Phone worked – I tried it and it didn’t work for me.

I use the Music app on my iPhone to listen to music (obviously) and audio books. I do still have my 3G iPhone so I charged that up and am currently using it for music and audio books. Not an ideal solution but it works.

Elaine came up with an another solution – GoodReader. GoodReader is an app that I’ve had installed on my iPhone and iPad since virtually the day I got the devices. It can be used to open many different file types including audio, video, PDF, text and even MS Office.


GoodReader can play MP3 files – so that’s my music sorted, but it can’t play .aa files (the files that you download from Audible). However, you can get around this by converting the .aa file to an M4B file – the benefit of this over MP3 is that it retains any chapter markers and remembers your listening position when you next return to the book.