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When Microsoft Lync was rolled out at work, myself and my colleagues were each given a Plantronics C310-M headset.

Plantronics C310-M headset

If you’ve not used Lync, think “Skype for the Enterprise”. I use Lync all the time. Initially I used it mainly for IM (for which I don’t need to use the headset) but more and more I’m using it for audio.

Quite often when I need to ring somebody at work, the person that I need to speak to is not at their desk. They are either working from home or “hot-desking” and they don’t have a company-provided mobile phone.

So I stick on my headset, fire up Lync (actually it’s always running in the background), search for their name and assuming that they are online, click the CALL button. Their computer “rings” and a notification pops up on their screen to indicate an incoming call.

I also use Lync when I’m delivering virtual training. We don’t use VOIP for the audio. We have to dial into a telephone-based conferencing system. However, because Lync can be used to dial regular telephone numbers, it makes sense to use it as the audio quality is better than if I used a telephone.

The headset plugs into the USB slot on my computer. It has a small control box half-way up the cable, which contains 2 buttons. One button turns the mute on/off and the other button turns the volume up and down. The headset also features an integrated microphone.

The Plantronics Blackwire C310-M Headset costs in the region of £28. For that you get a comfortable, simple to use headset which provides good quality audio.