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I deliver a lot of presentations. In addition to regular full-day training courses, which have a few introductory slides at the beginning, I also deliver 1-hour “training events” where I currently work, all of which are heavily slide-based. Finally there are “business presentations” – delivered at team meetings and at customer meetings.

Whenever I deliver a presentation, I don’t want to be tethered to my laptop, having to stretch out my arm to move on to the next slide, so last year I invested £25 in a wireless Kensington Si600 Presentation remote control.

Kensington Si600 Presentation Remote Control

This small device, which fits in the palm of your hand, allows you to start and control PowerPoint (on Windows and Mac) and Keynote (on Mac) presentations.

The device contains 4 buttons – the top one starts the presentation and whilst in “slideshow mode”, pressing this button activates a laser pointer (make sure you are pointing it at the screen and not at the audience!), the other buttons are used to navigate forwards and backwards through the slides and to enable “black screen mode”.

The Kensington Si600 Presentation Remote Control requires 2 x AAA batteries. It uses a radio link to connect to your computer. This is done via a small USB receiver (which comes with the remote control) that is plugged into your computer.