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One of my weekly tasks is to update my iPhone and my iPad. I do this by updating the apps in iTunes on my iMac and then connecting each device to my iMac and syncing via iTunes.

A few weeks ago, I plugged the iPhone into the iMac, ran iTunes and clicked the Sync button. The sync process began and the usual messages appeared on screen ( Step 1 – Backup, Step 2 – Determining which apps to sync, etc).Then for no reason at all, a message flashed up “Cancelling the sync”

I tried this 2 or 3 times with exactly the same result. I unplugged the iPhone and had about 10 apps in a “Waiting” state – underneath each icon it said “waiting”. The apps were unusable – they wouldn’t run, they wouldn’t update and I couldn’t delete them off the phone.

I eventually solved the problem by plugging the phone back into the iMac, running iTunes, dragging a random app that wasn’t already on the phone over to the phone and running sync again.

After that I was able to successfully sync several times, however without warning, the problem surfaced again a couple of weeks ago and I’ve not been able to fix it.

My iPhone is running the latest version of iOS7 and my iMac and iTunes are also completely up to date.