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My iPad arrived on Thursday afternoon (I bought the 64GB WiFi model). On Friday night I found a dead pixel so Saturday was spent at The Apple Store in Manchester, sorting out a new one. Sunday and Monday (a Bank Holiday in the UK) were spent setting it up and “playing” so today it got it’s first outing – it came with me to work.

My first job this morning was to reconfigure my desk for my new acquisition and then take a photo of said desk…

My Desk

So what is on my desk? From left to right…

  • iPhone in a Dock
  • iPad in a Griffin A-Frame stand. Elaine has written a review of iPad stands on her blog
  • 17 inch monitor connected to Vista laptop
  • Vista laptop
  • 17 inch monitor connected to MacBook Pro
  • A cheap USB mouse connected to the Vista laptop
  • MacBook Pro
  • Apple Bluetooth keyboard
  • Logitech MX Revolution mouse

The plant in the background is on my colleague’s desk – with all that tech, do I look like I have room for a plant?

After the photo-shoot it was time to put the iPad to work (well you don’t think I just bought it as a toy do you?). Today I was running 4 x 1 hour training sessions “how to get the most from your Vista laptop” (OK you can all stop laughing now).

I had the names of the attendees in a spreadsheet which I copied onto the iPad. As delegates arrived, rather than ticking their names off on a piece of paper I simply marked them off in the spreadsheet, which I had opened in Numbers. I also had the training course running order and some notes on the iPad as PDF’s – of course I just “had” to refer to these notes during the sessions!

All in all, a good first day at work for the iPad. No wonder the battery was down to 20% when we got home. It’s now fully charged and ready for tomorrow!