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Now that the football season has started, why not treat yourself to iFootyPlus or iFooty for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Both apps allow you to keep a track of league tables and match results and provide news and minute by minute updates of live matches (via text commentary) involving English and Scottish teams.

iFooty is free but is ad-supported, whilst iFootyPlus costs £1.19, is ad-free and, using Push technology, can provide you with an audible and visual notification of when a goal is scored. You select the team(s) that you want to be notified about and whenever a goal is scored in a match involving those teams, the phone will make a sound and display a visual alert – depending on how you configured it.

A full review of iFooty can be found here.

iFootyWorld and iFootyWorld Plus are similar apps from the same developer but these provide scores and news from teams around the world.

For more information see iFooty in the iTunes Store