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FlipBoard is a free “digital magazine” app for the iPad and now the iPhone which aggregates news and stories from a whole range of websites.

Whether your interests lie in tech, business, travel, general news, sports, entertainment or style, there’ll be something for you in this app. By linking FlipBoard to services such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Google Reader and Flickr, the app will display whatever content and stories your friends and followers are sharing.

To move from page to page, you swipe your finger across the iPad screen and FlipBoard turns the page with an “animated flip” (hence the name of the app). The iPhone app works in a similar way, except that you swipe up and down rather than left and right.


One feature that is unique to the iPhone version (it’s coming to the iPad soon) is Cover Stories, which displays stories that Flipboard’s algorithms determine are most relevant to you. The feature, “learns” with use, very much like Zite.

FlipBoard is free and is available from the App Store.