WordPress 2.6 – Nightmare Upgrade

Tonight, Elaine spotted Typepad (an app that enables you to create blog posts right from your iPhone) and asked me if I’d come across anything similar for WordPress – our blogs are WordPress-based.

A Google search came up with this – http://iphone.wordpress.net. Logging into the Control panel at Siteground (our hosting company), I discovered that the installed version of WordPress was 2.2.1 and the minimum required for this app is 2.5.1.

However, using the Siteground 1-click Control Panel, I could upgrade to the newly-released 2.6. So I duly clicked the icon (after performing a back-up of the database and blog folder).

All seemed OK…until I visited my blog…and all the categories were missing!

By Googling “WordPress 2.6 Categories” I found that I was not the only one with this problem. Some people had a smooth upgrade, some had the same problem. Nobody could find a reason for it though several explanations were put forward – incompatible plug-ins was a popular reason.

However, I upgraded 3 instances of WordPress on my Siteground hosting account and all had the problem. I’ll be writing to their support team and will post any information that I receive.

Thanks to this website I have upgraded the blogs to 2.6, although it was a bit of a long-winded manual process, due to the large number of categories that each blog has.

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  1. The reply I received from Siteground Helpdesk:


    Thank you for contacting our Help Desk!

    It appears that the issue is caused by coding flaw in the upgrade script of the WordPress application. My recommendation is to follow the steps in the link you have provided. Alternatively, you can contact WordPress developers on the following link: http://wordpress.org/support/


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