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Measuring Screen Distance with PixelStick and Meazure

Have you ever needed to measure the distance between 2 points on your computer Have you ever needed to set a window to a specific size for taking a screenshot or creating a video? PixelStick (Mac) and Meazure (Windows) can be used for these tasks

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Office for iPad – The Missing Languages

Although the Office for iPad apps support 27 languages, there are a number of languages that aren’t currently supported, which means that there’s quite a few countries where Office for iPad is not available.

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OneNote for Windows – How to Export

When it comes to sharing content, making a backup of your OneNote notebook or moving work created in OneNote to Word, being able to export pages, sections and even an entire notebook is a great timesaver. This blog post has you covered

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Whiteboard HD – The Virtual Whiteboard App for iPad

If you’ve ever delivered training or attended a course or a meeting, you’ll know how useful it is to have a flipchart or whiteboard in the room. Whiteboard HD brings that same level of usefulness to the iPad for both face-to-face and virtual meetings and training courses.

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Using Skype to Dial into a Conference Call

Today whilst working from home I had to attend a conference call. When it came to dialling into the conference call, I had several options – telephone, Lync and Skype. In this post I discuss the pros and cons of each.

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IT Training Services

Although there's plenty of free stuff in the Productivity Tips section of this site, if you need more help with using your computer, please get in touch and I'll provide you with a quote..

My areas of specialisation include Microsoft applications (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Lync, VBA) and Apple Mac.

Business Solutions

Sometimes you don't want (or need) to be trained how to use an application. What you want is an "out-of-the-box solution.

In addition to delivering training, I design and develop solutions which will automate your key business tasks and processes and save you time and money.