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Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a Cloud storage solution from Microsoft. In this post I cover how to get access to it on Windows, Mac and iOS and talk about some of the functionality such as syncing, sharing and co-authoring documents.

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Sequel Pro – An Essential Tool for WordPress Site Owners

An average website or blog owner will probably never need to fiddle with the WordPress database. However, when it comes to troubleshooting, having a basic understanding of it and being able to access it quickly and easily can save you time (and money)

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Running Windows on a Mac

I recently received an email: Hi Mike, I have an iMac but my invoice and stock database is in Access so I continue to use my Windows laptop to access this. I also have Excel spreadsheets and I use Numbers so I end up having two documents to update. Can you recommend an app I can buy for me to be able to use the Access database on my iMac and also the Excel spreadsheets.

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Excel – More Than a Numbers Game

“Excel – More Than a Numbers Game” is a video based training course that teaches you how to quickly and easily manipulate text in Excel and fix problems with imported text-based data.

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Mac User? Need a Database? Check out Tap Forms

When it comes to database applications for Mac, there’s not much choice. If you’re looking for a cost-effective database solution for personal or small business use, I recommend that you try Tap Forms.

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IT Training Services

Although there's plenty of free stuff in the Productivity Tips section of this site, if you need more help with using your computer, please get in touch and I'll provide you with a quote..

My areas of specialisation include Microsoft applications (Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Lync, VBA) and Apple Mac.

Business Solutions

Sometimes you don't want (or need) to be trained how to use an application. What you want is an "out-of-the-box solution.

In addition to delivering training, I design and develop solutions which will automate your key business tasks and processes and save you time and money.