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Last week I created a running order for a 1 hour training session on using OneDrive for Business app and Office apps on an iPad. I created the running order in OneNote.

The way I’ve organised OneNote, I have one NoteBook called Mike’s Notebook. The book has several sections, one of which is called Collaboration – the name of the project I’m working on.

The Collaboration section has lots of pages and subpages. One of the pages is called iPad Training Running Order. This page has a table in it. The first column of the table contains a topic name for example Opening a file in Excel for iPad. The second column of the table contains the details of the demo and what I want to say.

All the running orders for our other courses are in Word with a table layout and so the layout in OneNote resembles this. My plan was to use OneNote because it’s portable – I can access and edit the running order from any device wherever I am. Once the running order was complete, I’d copy and paste the table into Word.

However, I’ve found that I can save some time because the Windows version of OneNote has an export feature. Using the panel on the right hand side, I selected the page, selected File > Export and chose Word as the format.

You can export a single page, multiple pages, a section and even a whole notebook. You can export to common formats – Word, PDF and HTML.

You can also create a OneNote Package. This is a great way to create an archive of an entire notebook or section and which also includes any files that have been embedded into the notebook.

To open a OneNote package file on Windows, you need OneNote installed. Unfortunately, this won’t work on a Mac. However, all is not lost, you can open them with Outline 2.0 for Mac, which is available from the Mac App Store.

This app normally costs $40 but at the moment is on half price sale!

Back to OneOne itself – in my testing, all the text formatting (bold, italic, font size, colour etc) was exported, however the checkboxes in my course setup checklist were not when I exported to Word, although they were when I exported to PDF. Also the OneNote pages do not translate into separate pages in Word and PDF

Another benefit of being able to export from OneNote is that I can easily share a single page from the NoteBook with someone else. It’s not shared in the true sense of the word – having a single document that both people collaborate on, but when a colleague asked me for a copy of the completed running order, I can export the page and send him the Word file.