Excel provides a simple and convenient way to store, manage and manipulate lists, particularly lists containing items of a textual nature. A typical list may include some of the following:

Names, Addresses, Dates, Part numbers, Telephone numbers, Email addresses, Web addresses and more.

In many cases, the data has not been carefully typed in by you. It’s been imported from somewhere else, maybe it’s an extract from a database, maybe a download from a website, maybe you’ve purchased the information from a 3rd party.

The problem with that is that the data you are given usually needs some work to get it into a format that you can use. And if you don’t have the knowledge and the skill to do this, you’ll either waste precious time (time that you don’t have) trying to do it yourself, or you’ll spend money (that could be better spent elsewhere) on getting someone else to do it.

That’s why I’ve created a training course. In “Excel – More Than a Numbers Game”, you will learn how to fix these problems – quickly and without fuss. You will also learn how to manipulate text-based data.

For more information about the course, watch the short video below:

Also you can visit the dedicated product page.