Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Last month I wrote a blog post about course interruptions. Yesterday it happened again. Only this time it was far worse. I had 15 delegates on my online session. For the first 10 minutes everything was fine and then suddenly..BOOM! It sounded like one of the attendees was attending the session from a kids party.

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Stand and Deliver

Do you stand and deliver? Or do you prefer to sit? I’m talking about how you deliver a presentation or training course. If I’m doing a 1:1 coaching session, I’ll usually sit, either at the trainer’s desk at the front of the training room, or next to the delegate. If I’m coaching at the delegate’s desk, then circumstances dictate that I’ll end up sitting next to them.

However, in a formal training course, why do I always find myself standing up? I suppose I feel that it gives me a position of authority, like a barrister in a courtroom (but then The Judge spends the day sitting down). Maybe it’s because I don’t want to feel like a school teacher, teaching a bunch of kids, or maybe correct posture and stance was drummed into me on the Train The Trainer courses that I have attended over the years.

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Windows 7

I recently delivered an online presentation to the North West Regional Group of The Institute of IT Training which covered how to install and run Windows 7 in a virtualized environment on Mac OSX. Part of the presentation was a demonstration of 7 new and improved features of Windows 7.

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